This program will teach you how to scale your digital marketing agency, by purchasing local marketing services at a low cost and selling them for a premium price.
What You'll Learn Inside of the
The Local Arbitrage

Part 1: The Complete Local Arbitrage System

Learn how you can purchase marketing services from local and online providers and sell those services to your clients at a premium rate.

Part 2: The "Surf the Turf" Technique

Learn how to create partnerships with complimentary local businesses within your community to fulfill your arbitrage 

Part 3: The Digital Comb Over Method

Learn the exact process we use when choosing a reliable online service provider that will give you the highest profit margins for your arbitrage services.

Part 4: The Broken Ad Diagnostic System

The Broken Ad Diagnostic System - THIS IS SPECIAL. Learn the precise method we use to diagnose and repair any "broken" ad or lead generation funnel. (You're finally going to be able to understand exactly where an ad campaign is breaking)

Part 5: The Arbitrage Profit Pricing System

Learn how to transition your ad agency out of "hobby mode" into a full service provider using arbitrage services. (Knowing how to structure and price your services is a game changer.)
Dr Ben Adkins
Masterclass Instructor
Closer's Cafe co-founder
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