Learn how to secure your first 5 local clients within the next 10 days, that you can then easily sell your monthly higher level agency services.
What You'll Learn Inside of the
The Your First 5 Clients:

Part 1: The Big Hook Technique

Learn how to use an easy and inexpensive service to "Hook" 5 new clients you really want to work with in the next 10 days (that you can later sell your agency's main services.)

Part 2: Clients on the Fly Method

Learn how handing out a simple flyer can land your dream clients.

Part 3: The Charity Champion Method

Learn my secret to gaining local clients faster, by leveraging a charity in your local community.

Part 4: The Remote Service Sinker

Learn my technique for hooking clients remotely using a Facebook Live component.

Part 5: The Preferred Prospect Process

Learn how to create a list of Dream Team Businesses anxious to buy your higher priced services.
Dr Ben Adkins
Masterclass Instructor
Closer's Cafe co-founder
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