Peel Back the Curtain and Watch Exactly how Ben Adkins and his Team use "Hidden Facebook Targeting Options" to Sell More of their Products and Help Their Clients do the Same.
What You'll Learn Inside of the
The Hidden Audiences:

Part 1: (B2C) Business to Consumer Targeting Examples

Inside We're Going to Show You the exact Audience Targeting we use to Reach and Sell Our Stuff to Business Owners (B2B).
What We Will Cover In This section:
  •  How we Target Dentists.
  •  How we Target Massage Therapists and Chiropractors.
  •  How we Target Restaurant Owners.
  •  How We Target Online Physical Product Vendors.
  •  How We Target Internet Marketers (Specifically how we Target to Sell ScriptDoll).

Part 2: (B2B) Business to Business Targeting Examples

Walk you through how we help other business owners get right in front of their Consumers (B2C).
What We Will Cover In This section:
  •  How we Target to Help Restaurants Get More Customers.
  •  How we Target to Help Real Estate Agents to Sell More Houses.
  •  How we Target to Help Massage Therapists get More Clients.
  •  How we Target to Help Furniture Stores and Home Improvement experts sell more of their Products and Services.
  •  How we Target to help Car Dealerships sell More Cars using Facebook Ads.
  •  And... How we Target to Sell More Physical Products Online (specifically how we did it for our "Whiskey Baller" Product)
Dr Ben Adkins
Masterclass Instructor
Closer's Cafe co-founder
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