Learn the Powerful, Step-by-Step method to helping any small business run reactivation campaigns and become more profitable in a very short amount of time (and get paid well for the service).
What You'll Learn Inside of the
The Reactivation Blueprint:

Part 1: How to Find the Perfect Businesses.

How to find the Perfect Business to Run Reactivation Campaigns for (from the comfort of your own home).

Part 2: How to Contact them via a cold email or phone call.

You won't have to talk to anyone live until they are interested... don't worry and get them to contact you back to learn more about how you can help. (I Provide you with the Script and let you in on a special software tool or two to help).

Part 3: How to Run a Reactivation Campaign Using my "Reactivation Script"

This took me a few years to create and has been worth a few hundred thousand dollars to me... and that's not counting the clients we've helped with it.

Part 4: How to Earn More Business from that Client.

How to Earn More Business from that Client with this Method (to sign them up for any other services you might offer).

Dr Ben Adkins
Masterclass Instructor
Closer's Cafe co-founder
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