Get Inside and Learn how to grow any local business' sales using the power of Facebook Messenger Bots (using 5 very special bot campaigns).
What You'll Learn Inside of the
The Ultimate Sales Script:

Part 1: The Strong Psychological Biases that Create Local Customers

You can't build a great messenger bot funnel until you understand the triggers that get a cold lead to interact with a business they've never heard of before. I'll show you 3 powerful psychological triggers that you can use to get people to opt into your local client's messenger bot funnel (just learning these is big).

Part 2: My Top 3 Messenger Bot Funnel Recipes 

I'll walk you through my top 3 messenger bot funnels recipes. You'll see exactly why we never have any trouble getting a local business results when we run these.

Part 3: How to get your 1st $500 Messenger Bot Client in the next 19 Days

I'll walk you through the exact process that you can use to close your first messenger bot client in the next 19 days.

Dr Ben Adkins
Masterclass Instructor
Closer's Cafe co-founder
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